Consulting Augmentation and Integration at its Best!

Unmatched Experience

Schawbel’s consultants come from a global network of accomplished C-Level executives with a wide range of experience in consumer product and service categories, including:

  • Outdoors
  • Personal care
  • Health care
  • Housewares
  • Hardware, and more

Schawbel also collaborates with over 15 Asian and European-based factories with English-speaking engineers. We can “plug and play” resources as the project scope evolves to reduce time to market.


Schawbel Group works with you to expand and grow your business. Our network of experienced consulting professionals has proven success in tapping into the global consumer product marketplace. We provide the right people, at the right place and time, to evaluate opportunities and achieve results for our clients.

What We Do

Through an organization of over 100 seasoned team members worldwide, Schawbel provides take-to-market strategies. Schawbel’s unique, modular approach to our work structure achieves actionable results in a compact timeframe. Each module or phase is standalone, allowing client input and feedback before proceeding to the next phase allowing us to build from the bottom up, assessing your needs, timing, and funding. With our personalized project management techniques, adjustments can be made in real-time – based on the work product results – at various touch points during each phase.

Building scalable and sustainable businesses through accelerated proven methods, we execute the plan as a seamless extension of the client’s capabilities. This approach means you keep the accelerated pace required in today’s marketplace – at a much lower investment.

We provide critical resources for:


and quality

Sales and
(and support)

Supply chain


Our Value Proposition

Schawbel’s team of experts (with 25+ years of hands-on experience across all consumer product aspects) provides clients with all-inclusive support. We identify business problems, brainstorm comprehensive solutions, and deliver focused results to meet the client’s needs regardless of the company’s size, growth stage, or ownership type.

    The majority of consultants are active in the marketplace as board members, investors, professors, lecturers, and members of professional organizations.

    Schawbel offers the value and excellence of a top consulting firm at affordable, milestone-driven fees.

    Contact Schawbel Group today and learn how our global network can grow your business!

    Our Clients

    Schawbel’s client base ranges from startups to multinational companies with global businesses.

    In many instances, these multinational operations look to Schawbel to execute new growth plans while keeping existing management focused on core business activities. We also have extensive experience with privately held and family-owned companies and their unique requirements for growth.

    Over 85% of Schawbel’s client engagements are from referrals, with over 50% of initial engagements leading to additional project work.

    Engagements longer than 90 days are modularized with associated fixed fees for a consultant’s time along with key milestones.

    Several clients have created a “virtual company.” Schawbel staffed all functions of the client’s division/company, allowing for rapid deployment of resources with no fixed expenses; a true “try before you hire” investment model.

    Fees for project work have a wide range to reflect the size, duration, and complexity of the work required.

    Payment of fees has ranged from standard payments to a combination of fees plus commissions and/or success bonuses, to equity in a given company for the value of work completed.

    Let’s work together.

    Sampling of completed client engagements


    Bringing innovative technology into the global footwear market

    Schawbel has partnered with Muirhead Innovation Group to market its swivel midsole technology, a “game changer” in safety and wellness to the footwear industry! This patented design can be incorporated into a wide variety of footwear across a broad spectrum of applications – industrial, athletic, and general consumer. Helps protect with every step!

    Consumer-centric technologies we’ve patented for convenience and comfort

    Portable, Cordless Heat

    Appliances powered by butane fuel cells: Endless possibilities

    Controllable, Disposable, Portable Warmers

    Finally! Controllable comfort when using disposable heat packs

    Advanced Heating with Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries

    Technology + portability = personal comfort