• Uses market-available heat pack warmers
  • No batteries or cords
  • Patented adhesive tabs control the heat
  • Range of temperatures including on/off capabilities
  • Easy-to-use instructions
  • For indoor, outdoor, and everywhere use
  • Safe to use directly on the skin

No wires. No electronics. Easy-to-use.

The air-activated portable warmers (made with iron powder, activated charcoal, and other ingredients) were commercialized in 1923. Since then, there have been no significant changes to the original technology other than additional sizes offered for specific body areas (i.e., hands, feet, and back). Gel-type warmers seemed to offer an upscale product, but they require heat activation such as a microwave oven or hot water. Also, there’s no temperature control mechanism.

More Information

Other products available in this category have similar constraints, and they may pose a problem for users with sensitive skin or neurological issues such as reduced sensitivity (especially in diabetics, the elderly, and young children). For these reasons, instructions clearly state warnings that these packs cannot be applied directly to the skin or used by children.

    Schawbel, through extensive research, found that the current low-cost disposable heat packs could offer a solution IF temperature controllability could be developed. Our patented technology does this by regulating the amount of oxygen that reacts with iron-activated carbon heat packs, consumers now have the ability to control the heat!

    How it Works

    To adjust the heat of the pack

    The applications are endless…

    Global Product Opportunities

    Our easy-to-use design is perfect for the indoors, outdoors, and over-the-counter
    medical uses.

    Indoor applications

    • Indoor clothing – sweater pockets, bathrobes 
    • Athletic wraps
    • Pet comfort products
    • Footwear inserts – shoes, slippers

    Outdoor applications

    • Outdoor clothing inserts – gloves, socks, jackets
    • Athletic wraps
    • Pet comfort products
    • Footwear inserts – shoes, boots

      Over-the-counter medical applications

      • Specialized gloves for arthritis
      • Various body wraps for medical conditions
      • Pet wraps for medical conditions