Schawbel Companies Trust

Bill Schawbel is recognized not only as a business leader but also as a social entrepreneur. His repeated funding of non-profit organizations helps educate and motivate individuals to improve their social economics. Bill refers to his donations as “investments” with measurable returns using industry standards to measure “ROI” – Return on Investment. The measurements can be found in the number of students participating, the number of students graduating from higher education, or the number of single parents successfully launching new businesses.

In early 2023, Bill established the Schawbel Companies Trust, whose sole objective is to manage the profits from the technology and consulting businesses and distribute them to pre-selected charitable organizations to level the social playing field. These donations and grants would be made through The Boston Foundation and The Schawbel Family Foundation.

The Trust leadership team includes Bill, Veronica Zsolcsak, Julie Furrier, and Kenneth Vacovec. Bill has taken great pride in his philanthropic work in education, diversity, and entrepreneurship with organizations such as Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide, Museum of Science, Boston Latin School, and Center for Women and Enterprise. He views this Trust as a way to continue his philanthropic legacy.

In recent years, Bill has been honored by:

Boston Latin School Association, 2013 Distinguished Graduate of the Year

Partners for Youth with Disabilities, 2017

Junior Achievement Worldwide, 2019 honored at JA Worldwide’s Centennial Gala celebrating their 100th Anniversary

JA Greater Boston, 2022 created the Innovation Center

Center for Women and Enterprise, 2021 Celebrating Bill Schawbel and the Women Who Lift Up the World

JA Worldwide, 2022 Legacy of Leadership Award

Investing in Education, Diversity, and Entrepreneurship


Investing in Our Children’s Future

An investment in education is an investment in our future and future generations. All children need a rock-solid education beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic. Students today need access to technology and STEM programs that compare to those at world-class institutions, benefitting most from programs that meet them where they are.

Bill Schawbel is deeply committed to ensuring that students in Massachusetts and worldwide have the tools and programs for success in today’s competitive market.


Embracing Our Differences

We embrace our differences when we invest in organizations with equity and inclusion in their DNA. Through these actions, we can help create a more just and equitable world for everyone. Additionally, organizations that promote diversity initiatives help create a diversified and inclusive workforce, leading to better outcomes for businesses and organizations.

Bill Schawbel is dedicated to investing in organizations that provide education, support, and resources to marginalized communities. In turn, this promotes equality and inclusion in society.


Helping Entrepreneurs Change the World

When we teach children to be entrepreneurs and support entrepreneurial endeavors, we provide the resources they need to be independent, contributing members of society. We provide them with an opportunity. In turn, they go out into their communities and the broader global market with the tools they need to create businesses that employ and lift others. An investment in an entrepreneur is an investment in the potential to make the world a better place. Each future business is pure potential – a chance to change the world for the better.

Bill Schawbel, an entrepreneur himself, believes strongly in investing in people with innovative ideas and helping them achieve their economic goals.

Philanthropic Relationships