Wearable technology for the feet

  • Heats to specific temperatures utilizing proprietary software
  • Smart-charging technology ensures each rechargeable battery is fully charged
  • Up to 2,500 hours of warmth without overheating or sweating
  • Water-resistant fabric liner absorbs moisture, and molded, flexible material
    provides dry comfort
  • Insulated layer prevents heat from escaping footwear
  • Insoles provide up to an additional 27° of protection beyond footwear’s
    insulation rating

Personal wearable heating technology 

Schawbel provides personal wearable heating technology that allows a consumer to control their environment through patented technology. This was accomplished by utilizing their extensive knowledge of the global outdoor market where portable heat is a requirement for comfort. Schawbel developed a line of products with rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries and proprietary software that work in conjunction with one’s own body-generated heat.

Besides outdoors, situations exist in the office and homes where downward adjusting of thermostats are required due to rising energy costs and keeping one’s feet warm can be a challenge.

Research also indicates that an extensive number of medical conditions and diseases are positively impacted by controlled heat to extremities. Benefits can include improving the flexibility of tendons and ligaments, decreasing muscle spasms, increasing range of motion, helping with relaxation and comfort, and alleviating or taking the edge off pain. Heat can provide reassurance which is analgesic – this is applied neurology, not just psychological effects.

Additionally, climate change altering weather patterns and an aging population create market opportunities for personal warming technology.

Our Heated Insoles Technology

Schawbel’s heated insoles allow a consumer to take control of their thermal environment with convenient and functional products. Examples of its patented technology line of insoles are shown below: