Embracing Our Differences

Bill Schawbel is dedicated to investing in organizations that provide education, support, and resources to marginalized communities. In turn, this promotes equality and inclusion in society.

Creating a more just and equitable world for everyone

We embrace our differences when we invest in organizations with equity and inclusion in their DNA. By these actions, we can help create a more just and equitable world for everyone. Additionally, organizations that promote diversity initiatives help create a diversified and inclusive workforce, leading to better outcomes for businesses and organizations.

Bill Schawbel provides financial support to the organizations below through The Boston Foundation and The Schawbel Family Foundation.

Boston Latin School Association

As an organization of alumni, families, faculty, and friends of Boston Latin School, BLSA unites to support their beloved school and one another through building and maintaining their relationships. They raise funds to enhance the school’s learning environment, support Association activities, and champion the school through thoughtful advocacy.

How We’re Involved

As a former Chair Member of Boston Latin School Association, Bill helped create an alumni fund to support the student body. Bill’s goal is to further the success of the BLS and its graduates.

Partners for Youth with Disabilities (PYD)

PYD’s goal is to create a world where young people with disabilities will be able to live with dignity and pride in who they are and lead self-determined lives filled with purpose. PYD builds the skills and abilities of these deserving kids and increases the inclusivity of workplaces, organizations, and communities.

How We’re Involved

As advisor to the founder of PYD, an organization that empowers youth with disabilities to reach their full potential, Bill helped grow PYD from local to national. His financial support provides transformative mentoring programs, youth development opportunities, and inclusion expertise. It is important to Bill and PYD that the youth of our nation reach their personal, educational, and career goals; and that organizations become more inclusive.

Bill was honored by PYD in 2017.