Julie Furrier

Chief Financial Officer - Schawbel Companies

Julie has more than 30 years of experience in the areas of accounting and finance and is currently our Chief Financial Officer. She has served as the CFO or Controller for privately owned and publicly traded companies such as Town & Country Corporation and affiliates, BioSafe International, HealthGate Data Corp., Boston Microsystems, Flightview, aPriori Technologies, Docent Health, Kuva Systems, and has provided advisory services to countless others, including GrooveBoston, The Simon Group, Atlas & Pure-Flow Water Services, Modular Genetics, and Arthur Kill Terminal and affiliates.

Her areas of expertise include financial reporting, cash flow management, financial modeling and analysis, policy and process development, as well as transactional accounting. Julie has worked with companies to negotiate and secure private funding, including implementation and ongoing support of asset-based lending arrangements, and negotiation and management of lending agreements with commercial lenders. She has helped many client companies streamline areas of their financial and administrative process to improve controls, gain efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Beyond traditional accounting skills, Julie also has experience in many aspects of human resource management and handles staffing and benefits as well as corporate insurance and compliance matters for many of her client companies. Julie’s experience includes various industries such as  consumer products, software sales and development, manufacturing, and professional services. This broad base of experience has allowed her to develop the skills to support gradual transitions and help companies achieve scalable financial growth, as well as assist with M&A transactions.

Julie graduated from Bentley College (now Bentley University) and is a Certified Public Accountant and Notary Public.